Junk Pet Food and Raw Diet

25/07/2010 09:29

Drazi pratele prosim venujte chvilku temto radkum. Petra + Gino





Although known since time began, but now gaining new support, feeding an appropriate raw diet is the best way to provide a solid platform for your dog's health. You probably already know that there is no commercial dog food that even comes close to providing the benefits of an appropriate raw diet for your dog. And there is no such thing as "quality" or "human-grade" kibble.

You've probably noticed I've used the word "appropriate" a couple of times. This is deliberate. Unfortunately, there are many people trying to jump onto the raw food "bandwagon" to make their fortune, and are instead not headed in the right direction. For example, see my page on the the myths of feeding supplements.

I do not recommend feeding pre-made raw foods. These are the reasons why:


  1. The food is not presented in a "natural state" - dogs need to have their food presented in as natural state as possible. When you deviate from this, you decrease the benefits of an appropriate diet.
  2. There have been a small number of cases where dogs have had impactions caused by the glob of pre-made and ground food hitting their stomachs, before their digestive system has had time to produce the necessary chemicals to process the food.
  3. It is invariably based on the incorrect premise that dogs are omnivores. Dogs are carnivores and yes, it does make a difference!
  4. The food contains unnecessary supplements.
  5. It contains food your dog doesn't need - many pre-made foods contain things your dog doesn't need (they don't say this on the label though, do they!)
  6. You cannot be assured of the processing procedures used
  7. It is far cheaper to go down to your local butcher or supermarket and get your supplies
  8. You know exactly what goes into your dog's food when you get it yourself
  9. When you get your dog's meals ready yourself, you can make adjustments yourself
  10. Your dog should not have a "balanced" meal everyday. It should vary. "A daily balanced diet" is great as a sales pitch for pet food companies, but does nothing for the health of your dog.